About Us

DD CURTAIN MANUFACTURER established in 1995 by D.M. D’Aguiar, is managed by herself and husband PJ D’aguiar, providing a manufacturing and installation service.The company brings you a commitment to service and quality, with a range of products suited to the interior decorating and hospitality industries. Custom-made soft goods – including quilted bedding through to designer drapes, furnish some of South Africa’s and foreign countries’ most luxurious golf resorts, hotels and homes.

Our commitment to satisfying your desires as a home owner, Hotel manager, interior designer, or architect is unequalled. Our approach to providing quality of service and product, demonstrates and reflects the relationship we develop with each and every client.
Our passion to assist our clients, is our biggest asset, and for you to discover how we can contribute to satisfying your personal and very specific needs, please browse DD Curtains site or contact us.